Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) is watching the ISN propaganda report against Babylon Five. A signal comes in from Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) on Mars. They have made contact with the Resistance, which is hearing their case. He and Marcus (Jason Carter) should be returning to the station soon. Number One of the Resistance (Marjorie Monaghan) compliments Franklin on the clever way he composed the message. Marcus bursts in to report an explosion at the Red Planet Hotel, a terrorist attack by the Resistance which killed an Earth security force and ten civilians.

Back on Babylon Five, Delenn (Mira Furlan) hears from a Minbari named Forell (G.W. Stevens). There have been raids near Minbari space, and with the dissolution of the Grey Council, friction among the castes is evident. She goes to Captain Sheridan, who notices that other races are being harassed as well. The end of the Shadow War seems to be provoking a certain jockeying for position among the races. Delenn wants to investigate with White Star ships.

Number One argues with other members of the Resistance about the attack on Earth forces and the collateral damage. Marcus notes how scary she is when she’s angry. Still obsessed with ISN, Sheridan has an idea. He wakes up Ivanova, apologizes for that, and they go to the War Room. During the Shadow War, Ivanova used the station’s BabCom to send out news. She hated it but has a knack for it. He wants to turn Babylon Five into the Voice of the Resistance.

Delenn can’t sleep, worried about the warrior caste riding roughshod over the other castes. On Mars, Franklin convenes a meeting of the Mars Resistance. There is some old friction between Babylon Five and Mars. Mars and Proxima III need to be liberated, but the goal now should be to depose President Clark. Terrorist bombings are hurting the cause. Franklin sites the alien found on Captain Jack as proof that forces left over from the Shadow War are still active. In return for Martian support, Sheridan will see to it that Mars will be granted independence.

The White Star arrives at the friction points near Minbar. Supposed Drakh attackers of the Pak’ma’ra speak to Delenn in Minbari, revealing that they have had contact with the Minbari before. Forell points a gun at Delenn. She has been set up and the White Stars have to follow the Drakh ships. Number One seems ready to follow Franklin’s advice, and Marcos notices how friendly they are. Franklin, scoffing, calls him a romantic. Then Number One invites Franklin to dinner.

The Drakh send a life-pod to the White Star. Inside, the Emissary is ghostly and indistinct. Forell reveals that the Warrior Caste has formed an independent council and the Religious Caste has been driven out of the cities into the snow. The Caste Wars of old seem to be returning. The Drakh Emissary is from Z’ha’dum and the Drakh are former allies of the Shadows. Delenn realizes they are about to be attacked.

The White Stars approach close to the Drakh ship so it cannot fire at them, then they flee. They are fired upon, White Star 16 is destroyed, and Delenn’s ship is damaged. But she turns around and destroys the Drakh ship. Then, they return to Babylon Five. Delenn returns to find Sheridan redoing the War Room. Funny, how the Minbari build for centuries, while humans change things every chance they get. It appears the Drakh are a wild card in the galaxy now. Delenn has to concentrate on the Minbari Civil War now and will have less time for Sheridan.

The shimmering Drakh are fascinating. Delenn can be a fierce and bloodthirsty warrior when she needs to be. The Minbari, who don’t kill Minbari, are willing to let them freeze to death. It seems they are picking up habits from the humans, but then, we know now that they are part human.