Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) is talking with a client in the Jupiter Bistro, when another customer comes in. Garibaldi tells the relieved man his daughter has been found safe and sound, though dosed with Morph Gas, and he will only charge him a third of his price. Wade (Mark Shroeder), who wants Garibaldi to help remove Sheridan, observes. The group is ready to use him for a mission. If it kills him, he’s expendable. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) reports to Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and is told to get Garibaldi’s badge and gun, because he’s keeping some bad company. Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) enters the War Room after returning from Mars. Ivanova (Claudia Christian) tells him about Babylon Five as the Voice of the Resistance. Too bad they don’t have the power of ISN. Franklin suggests the tachyon network of Epsilon III below. Allan gets Garibaldi’s badge and gun, and his other gun. Garibaldi is enjoying dinner and Looney Toons when Wade shows up to hire him as a bodyguard and expediter—for someone on Earth who doesn’t want to be on record. Angry at the loss of his guns, he agrees.

Ivanova goes down to the planet and runs into Zathras (Tim Choate)—or at least one of the ten with the same face and name. She asks for access to more power, and he obliges after the usual complaints, confusion, and acceptance of his fate. A shuttle arrives at the station and Garibaldi leads Wade through the back way to meet it. The contact is sending his wife in his place to familiarize her with the business. She turns out to be Lise (Denise Gentile), Garibaldi’s old flame. In his quarters, he confronts her. What happened to Franz, and her baby? Franz divorced her and because he was an Earther, he got the baby. Now she’s married to William Edgars, one of the richest men on Mars.

In his office, Sheridan meets with Londo (Peter Jurasik) and G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas). Londo recognizes the Drakh as ruthless and cunning. Sheridan says they were working for the Shadows and now are trying to take their place with their technology. Sheridan wants the Rangers to patrol the borders, but G’Kar points out that the Non-Aligned Worlds will think Babylon Five is amassing power. Sheridan thinks that if the Centauri and Narn worlds allow the White Star fleet to patrol their border, the Non-Aligned Worlds will be more likely to co-operate.

Allan notices that the security computer registers an unauthorized entry by Garibaldi. He orders a security override and invalidates all clearances belonging to Garibaldi. Meanwhile, Garibaldi, Lise, and Wade are in a bar in Downbelow. Garibaldi recognizes the contact’s isoblock cube as one of the kind used in restricted biotech. The stuff is dangerous. Edgars Industries is investigating a genetic flaw in telepaths. Garibaldi notices some new people coming into the bar and wants to leave quietly. Guns are drawn. There is a fight and Garibaldi gets one of the guns.

They try to escape, but his clearances have been cancelled. Their pursuers try to break down the bulkhead. Garibaldi manages to get everyone out through a ceiling grate. Gunfire perforates the ventilation duct. He sends Wade and Lise in another direction, telling them to keep repeating Docking Bay 3. When they emerge, they are nowhere near Docking Bay 3, but their thoughts led the pursuing telepaths in that direction. Garibaldi tells a guard to pick up two gunmen in Docking Bay 3. The gunmen suicide rather than be captured.

Ivanova returns to the station and reports the power hookup is ready on Epsilon III, but Franklin says not to bother Sheridan right now. He’s confronting Garibaldi about the dead men lying around the station. Garibaldi says they were coming for his client, but he doesn’t know why. Sheridan says that any more situations like this will result in Garibaldi losing his business license. Back in his quarters, Garibaldi finds a message from Lise Hampton and destroys it without reading. The next day, he gets a message from William Edgars reporting the safe arrival of his wife. He is impressed and wants to put Garibaldi on retainer. It would mean going to Mars, but what has Garibaldi got to lose? The Voice of the Resistance goes on the air.

Zathras appeared in the story because Ivanova was supposed to confer with Draal, but John Shuck was on Broadway. The conversation between Ivanova and Zathras was four and a half minutes long and done in one take. As always, Zathras is a hoot, and particularly with Ivanova. The Voice of the Resistance was of course inspired by the French Resistance of World War II. The hint of some genetic flaw in telepaths is interesting to say the least. Garibaldi is complex and puzzling here—sometimes noble, sometimes selfish and truculent, and not very nice to the loyal Zack Allan. The voice of William Edgars is recognizably that of Efram Zimbalist Junior. In the cartoon, Daffy Duck is tortured by a surreal sadist, who turns out to be Bugs Bunny with a cartoonist’s pen—just a commentary on Garibaldi’s life.