Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) is in the mess hall, thinking. Ivanova (Claudia Christian), Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs), Marcus Cole (Jason Carter), and Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) come in, but he doesn’t notice. Allan congratulates him on getting the Narn and Centauri to let the White Star ships patrol their border. But everyone agrees that getting the Non-Aligned Worlds to do the same will be difficult. Sheridan has a brainstorm and knows how to do it. He tells Marcus to send three White Stars to Sector 87.

In hyperspace, Delenn and her ships are on their way to Minbar to stop the fighting between the castes. But Civil War is beginning to spread. Delenn remembers the beautiful cities of Minbar. Lennier points out that the Grey Council kept the peace because it suppressed the grudges and insults. He reports that the Warriors’ ship Takari is waiting, and he has contacted Neroon of the Warrior Caste.

Sheridan convinces Londo and G’Kar to deny that the White Stars are patrolling their borders. On Minbar, the Warrior Caste and the Religious Caste eye each other suspiciously. Delenn speaks to Neroon (John Vickery). She does not blame him for taking her place on the Grey Council. The Drazi ambassador asks about the White Star ships patrolling the Centauri/Narn border, and Sheridan neither confirms nor denies. Secretly, he has Marcus destroy some asteroids. The Drazi are suspicious, especially when Doctor Franklin asks them to provide Drazi blood plasma, just in case. The religious caste on the Takari is also suspicious. They think Delenn will cave in to Neroon. They vow not to let the Takari reach Minbar, even at the cost of their own lives. They decide to release toxic gas and make the Takari a drifting ghost ship. Back on Babylon Five, Sheridan asks Ivanova to add an item to the Voice of the Resistance broadcast—nothing whatsoever happened in Sector 83 by 9 by 12. The League ambassadors become even more suspicious. Why are the White Star ships guarding Centauri Prime but not them?

Neroon is attacked. Delenn orders him to sickbay and arrests the attacker. Eventually, the Religious Caste realizes that Delenn is not caving in to Neroon but working with him for balance in the Council. Too late, as everyone on the ship is about to die. But Lennier overheard their plot and shut off the poison gas, though he emerges coughing. Neroon realizes that Delenn is a peacemaker, which is why she was chosen by Dukhat.

The League is arguing while they wait for Sheridan. When he arrives, they demand the White Star protection they rejected before. Lennier is recuperating. He says he just happened to notice a coolant leak, and the Religious Order think he is lying to save their honor. The Voice of the Resistance goes on the air again, reporting that the League has agreed to a mutual defense pact. Neroon reports that he can now stop the Religious Caste easily and the Warrior Caste will be triumphant, but Lennier is aware. This story is wrapped up in the next episode.