The Voice of the Resistance is on the air. Ivanova (Claudia Christian) reports. Beta Durani I colony is free, and there are more defections, which have revealed more atrocities committed by President Clark. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) is on the way to Mars, and he worries about Earth Alliance being torn apart by Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner). He believes the Captain came back from Z’ha’dum with a messianic obsession. Wade (Mark Schneider) forces Garibaldi to wear a mask on the way to meet William Edgars (Efram Zimbalist Jr.).

On Babylon Five, Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) is trying to wake one of the Shadow-modified telepaths in cryo-sleep. Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) contacts Security Chief Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway), who wants her to scan the victim of a mugging, who is willing. Lyta sees the comatose patient, who wakes up and approaches her. She leaves in distress, but Franklin has seen it. Garibaldi is waiting for Edgars, when Edgars’s wife Lise (Denise Gentile), Garibaldi’s one-time love, appears. She tells him he shouldn’t have come. Edgars arrives and welcomes Garibaldi, who says he wants to stop Sheridan. Edgars is quite aware that President Clark had President Santiago killed, but he should be taken down within the system rather than going to war. Wade shows Garibaldi to his room.

Edgars has Garibaldi taken by a Psi Corps agent and scanned for lies. Garibaldi doesn’t trust telepaths, they leave no trail of evidence, and are a menace to society. Garibaldi thinks Edgars has something to hide. Edgars asks if Garibaldi still loves Lise and he says no, but the telepath says he lied. He was unable to find out anything about Garibaldi’s strange disappearance. Wade kills the telepath. In Medlab, Franklin asks Lyta to try to contact one of the frozen telepaths. Franklin is fascinated by the physiological results, but suddenly the patient wakes, sees aliens instead of humans, and seizes Franklin by the throat. He lets Franklin go and, declaring that he can’t live like this, tries to stab himself in the neck, but Lyta stops him and shuts him down.

Garibaldi talks with Edgars. They agree that they would not want to live in a world where ordinary humans are second-class citizens to telepaths. Garibaldi doesn’t think they have the numbers to take over the human race, but people could give them power out of stupidity and fear. Edgars knows a lot about Clark’s use of telepaths and his elimination of Santiago. Edgars believes Clark will turn Psi Corps into a personal army, but mega-corporations like Edgars Industries consider Clark an amateur. Now he threatens business interests and Sheridan is in the way.

Omega-class destroyers were sent to take over Babylon Five but defected instead. Delenn is coming back from Minbar. Franklin reports on the telepaths but needs to know more. Sheridan tells him and he is stunned. He knows that something happened to Sheridan at Z’ha’dum. He tells Lyta they must go to Mars. Garibaldi talks with Lise about why she married Edgars. He tells Edgars he’s in. Garibaldi will bring Sheridan to Edgars. They can get to Sheridan through his father, who needs a rare drug. Garibaldi hopes Sheridan will someday see it was all for the best.

The episode is a bit talky, and it seems like Franklin is again involved in something a little shady. There seems to be something wrong with Sheridan, and we know there is something wrong with Garibaldi. The most telling and prophetic bit of dialog might be: People don’t take power; they are given power by the rest of us because we’re stupid or afraid, or both.