John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), President of the new Interstellar Alliance, returns to Babylon Five with Delenn (Mira Furlan) and they are greeted with applause and jubilation. Sheridan is put out, but Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) says they deserve a hell of a party. Londo (Peter Jurasik) muses about the Centauri’s gloomy marriage ceremonies and raucous funerals and thinks partying at a wedding could be a bad sign. Everyone walks away from him. ISN coverage is broken up by a temporal distortion.

The rest of the episode takes place after the end of the series, showing the long-term effects of the Interstellar Alliance. In 2262, a debate on ISN shows pro-Clark elements picturing Sheridan as a madman, and the Outer Colonies calling him a liberator. In 2362, a debate between two historians calls Sheridan, the Shadows, and the Overthrow of Clark a series of myths. An aged Delenn bursts in and declares Sheridan a good and decent man and accuses the historians of fabricating facts to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

In 2762, a faction warring against the Interstellar Alliance tries to set up forged holographic records to show that the heroes of Babylon Five were megalomaniacal war criminals, preparatory to bombing another planet. Sheridan is shown making an impassioned speech about conquering Earth and Doctor Franklin talking about experimentation on human children. Garibaldi, who knows he is a holographic computer program, hacks into the computer and warns the enemy. Pro-Alliance forces launch a nuclear attack. In 3262, Earth is reduced to Medieval villages. Brother Alwyn (Roy Brocksmith) and Brother Michael (Neil Roberts) speak about the return of the Rangers. Alwyn reveals that he is a Ranger himself, and that pro-Alliance forces are building up Earth civilization.

A million years later, a creature very like a Vorlon, watching all this footage, instructs his computer to transfer it to New Earth. The computer warns that Sol is about to go Nova. The man leaves in a ship with a Ranger logo on it, and the sun explodes. Back in 2262, Sheridan and Delenn discuss what they have done and wonder if anyone will remember them.

This episode was rushed into production when the Fifth Season was suddenly okayed and Straczynski decided to keep what he had intended as the very last episode for the end of the Fifth Season. That’s why Claudia Christian appears in it. Straczynski dedicated the episode to all who predicted the Babylon Project would fail and called it a giant middle finger fifty stories tall that will burn forever in the night. It was directed by Stephen Furst. Straczynski realized that part of it was extremely similar to A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller but decided to keep it because the series was filled with monks and theologians anyway. New Earth is the Vorlon home world. A million years in the future, humans and Minbari have reached a First-One level of existence. Bruce Boxleitner got to play a despicable villain in one scene and loved it.