Sarah (Lena Headey) is questioned by FBI agent Audridge (Joshua Malina). She claims her son John died in the bank explosion, but the agent doesn’t believe her. James Ellison (Richard T. Jones) urges her to tell the truth. She says the last time she did that, she ended up in the Psych Ward. Learning that Savannah Weaver (MacKenzie Brooke Smith) has been returned to her mother, Sarah says she’s not safe. They are being observed, not only by the FBI, but by John Henry (Garret Dillahunt) and Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson). Audridge mentions that Danny Dyson, son of Miles Dyson of SkyNet, is missing too. Sarah sends a message to John, telling him not to try to rescue her.

John and Cameron (Summer Glau) are in hiding. He asks, and Cameron tells him Sarah’s cancer could not be caused by her chip. Weaver has Ellison arrange a meeting with John, and she destroys a Terminator trying to break into ZeiraCorp. His chip is destroyed when it is extracted. Through Ellison, Weaver asks Cameron, “Will you join us?” She is disturbed but hides it. Cameron strips off so that John can examine her power source, to show that it is not leaking. Father Bonilla (Carlos Sanz) tells Sarah they are breaking her out. Weaver learns that moving John Henry might alter who he is.

Cameron busts Sarah out of custody as John Henry opens all the doors. But Sarah wants Cameron to destroy John Henry. Weaver speaks of their common enemy, SkyNet, but is interrupted by a flying drone. Weaver morphs into a shield, shocking everyone by revealing her Terminator nature. Weaver insists that John Connor cannot save the world without John Henry.

John Henry is missing, and Cameron is immobile. A nearby monitor apologizes to John. Weaver says John Henry was built to fight SkyNet and has gone into the future. Weaver activates the Time Displacement Device and takes itself and John forward in time, leaving Sarah and Ellison behind. Hearing voices, Weaver vanishes, and John finds clothes to wear. He is captured by Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green), who has never heard of John Connor. Kyle Reese (Jonathan Jackson) is there and Allison Young (Summer Glau).

This is the first time in the series that Sarah Connor uses the word Terminator. The scene between John and Cameron is kind of an uncomfortable sex-scene, and Shirley Manson had a nude scene. This season cliff-hanger was the series end, as the writers probably realized. The whole crazy, creepy episode I think, was written to be the end, or not, depending on the fickle Gods of Programming. They decided to do a hell of an episode, for the next season or for posterity or just to stick it to the Man. Of course, it also served as an intro to Terminator Salvation.