At Psi Corps Headquarters, Alfred Bester (Walter Koenig) is introduced by a director named Drake (Mike Genovese) to two young interns, Lauren Ashley (Dana Barron) and Chen Hikaru (Reggie Lee), who are thrilled to meet Bester. At the same time, an unstable Telepath, having just killed another teep, reads about Babylon Five and decides to hide out there.

At Headquarters, Bester and the interns observe two teeps exercising deep scan attacks. The interns feel this deeply and Bester says they’ll get used to it. He notes that a Psi Cop must be a P12, but both sympathetic and ruthless, because telepaths are family. While they are watching a testimonial from Gordon (Brendan Ford), they learn of another murder victim. The killer was a student of Bester’s. Ashley visits Bester at night, disturbed by the dead body. He says it doesn’t get any better except with Mundanes. He tells her the story of his youth and rejects her offer to stay with him. Then he learns that the killer is on the way to Babylon Five.

The killer is Jonathan Harris (Dex Elliot Sanders). They must go to Babylon Five to take care of their own. Drake warns that he is a mind-shredder. Bester and the interns leave the Psi Corps mothership for the hyperspace jump gate. On Babylon Five, Harris is gambling in Downbelow. As a teep, of course, he wins big, and later he is jumped by the loser. He kills his attacker telepathically but is witnessed.

Bester learns from a Drazi that Harris has a fake identicard. Bester informs the interns and goes to inform Babylon Five Security. Hikaru gets into the killer’s quarters, over Ashley’s objections, and trips over another dead body. Bester thinks he can feel the killer’s gambling abilities. Then another body is found. Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) details the injuries. Bester says only a P12 could do that much damage, but now he knows how dangerous the situation is. He sends Ashley to keep an eye on Security and Hikaru to keep tabs on gambling. Hikaru is killed by Harris before he can contact Bester.

The killing was caught on camera, but there seems to be another. Allan informs Bester. Harris is collaborating with a Mundane named Bryce (Vince Rotta). Bester is confused by the notes in Harris’s quarters, apparently written by two people, and the killer’s referring to himself in the third person in an interview, until he realizes it is a case of multiple personalities, one a P10 and one a P12. Bester tries to convince Harris to come with him, but he refuses. Bryce shoots at Ashley and is shot by Security. In the end, Bester leaves with two prisoners, one a Telepath and one a Mundane. He allows Ashley to space the Mundane.

This was the last appearance of Bester in the series. He was supposed to appear in the spin-off Crusade, but that series was cancelled before the episode was filmed. The entire story is presented from the perspective of the Psi Corps, including the opening. The character Jonathan Harris was named after a fan who won the Babylon Five Fan Club raffle at the World Science Fiction Conference in 1997. There had been plans to hire David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to do a cameo as Psi Cops, but the plans fell through.